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NBB Faculty in Psychology

Patricia J. Bauer Headshot
Patricia J. Bauer
Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Psychology
PAIS 365
Patricia A. Brennan Headshot
Patricia A. Brennan
Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Psychology
PAIS 377
Ali Cohen Headshot
Ali Cohen
Assistant Professor
PAIS 381
David Edwards Headshot
David Edwards
Charles Howard Candler Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience
PAIS 485
Andrew Kazama Headshot
Andrew Kazama
Associate Teaching Professor
PAIS 397
Joseph Manns Headshot
Joseph Manns
Associate Professor
PAIS 481
Lynne Nygaard Headshot
Lynne Nygaard
Department Chair and Professor
PAIS 483
Rohan Palmer Headshot
Rohan Palmer
Associate Professor
PAIS 371
James Rilling Headshot
James Rilling
PAIS 391 or 1462 Clifton Rd Building Room 268
Elaine F. Walker Headshot
Elaine F. Walker
Charles Howard Candler Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
PAIS 487