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NBB Major Requirements


The NBB major requires six foundation courses, four core courses, and seven elective courses. All must be taken for a letter grade.

Foundation courses (6)

  • Two semesters of Biology with lab (BIOL 141, BIOL 141L, BIOL 142, BIOL 142L)
    If you received AP credit for BIOL 141, you must take BIOL 141L in the Fall before you will be allowed to enroll in BIOL 142 in the Spring
  • Two semesters of Chemistry with lab (any CHEM courses)
  • Statistics (QTM 100, MATH_OX 117Q, QTM 210, or Math 361 and 362)
  • Quantitative course (MATH 111, 112, 112z, 116, 211, 212, 221, 275; BIOL 212; CS 170; QTM 200)

Core courses (4)

  • NBB 201 (ANT 200)
  • NBB 301 (BIO 360)
  • NBB 302 (PSYC 353)
  • NBB 401W or NBB 402W

Electives (7)

  • Fulfilled by a combination of Regular, Limited, and Research electives, as described on the Electives page.

Suggested sequence for foundation and core courses

Electives can fit in your schedule as appropriate. Here are a few things to keep in mind when scheduling your courses:

  • 100-300 level electives are generally intended for freshmen and sophomores.
  • 400 level electives are intended for juniors and seniors.
  • Always check course prerequisites before registering for a class.
  • Work with your major advisor to tailor course selections to your academic goals and interests.
Suggested sequence

Foundation courses

First two years

BIOL and CHEM can be taken at the same time if high school preparation is rigorous enough (e.g., high scores on AP or IB exams).

NBB 201 (ANT 200)Sophomore yearOffered only in the FALL semester
NBB 301 (BIOL 360)Junior yearOffered BOTH semesters; BIOL 142 and two semesters of chemistry are prerequisites.
NBB 302 (PSYC 353)Junior yearOffered BOTH semesters; we strongly recommend taking NBB 301 before NBB 302.

NBB 401W or NBB 402W

Senior year

NBB 401W is only offered in the FALL semester.
NBB 402W is only offered in the Paris summer program.