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NBB Faculty & Staff


Keith Easterling Headshot
Keith Easterling
Associate Teaching Professor | NBB & Pharmacology
Suite 304G
Alex Grizzell Headshot
Alex Grizzell
Assistant Teaching Professor
Suite 304F
Gillian Hue Headshot
Gillian Hue
Assistant Teaching Professor
Suite 304D
Megan Massa Headshot
Megan Massa
Assistant Teaching Professor
Suite 304E
Leah Anderson Roesch Headshot
Leah Anderson Roesch
Associate Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Research
Suite 304H
Andrea Roeser Headshot
Andrea Roeser
Assistant Teaching Professor
Suite 304K
Deboleena Roy Headshot
Deboleena Roy
Senior Associate Dean, Emory College of Arts and Sciences; Professor, WGSS and NBB
Candler 400
Bob Wyttenbach Headshot
Bob Wyttenbach
Teaching Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies
Suite 304C


Nadia G. B. Cherry-Ware Headshot
Nadia G. B. Cherry-Ware
Senior Academic Degree Program Coordinator
Room 224
Alan Weinstein Headshot
Alan Weinstein
Senior Academic Department Administrator
Suite 304J