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Non-elective Courses

NBB 120 From Botox to Behavior

This course is designed for NON-SCIENCE majors and is not appropriate for students majoring in NBB, BIOL, CHEM, PHYS, ENVS or MATH/CS or for students on a Pre-Health track.

Using student-centered, active-learning methods and real-world examples, this course is designed to provide an understanding of how the brain works and how neuronal activity underlies human complex behaviors. We will explore topics like: drug overdoses, Botox injections, Parkinson's disease, spinal cord injuries, perception, and sleep. The class will meet in a "studio" format with integrated laboratory and classroom instruction.

This course carries GER credit for SNT with lab.

NBB 190 Freshman Seminars

Variable topics of special interest in the field of Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology. Any of these NBB 190 Courses will satisfy the GER for Freshman Seminar.

Examples of Freshman Seminars that have been offered in the past:

  • Evolution: Concepts and Misconceptions
  • How to Interpret Behavior You Did Not See
  • Brain & Body Enhancement
  • Illusions and Reaction Times
  • The Adolescent Brain

NBB 301L/BIO 360L Neurobiology Lab

This course will explore topics in cellular and small network neuroscience by performing virtual electrophysiology experiments on the computer. The content matches the material covered in Biology 360/NBB 301 and will help students understand neurons and neuronal networks in greater depth.

BIOL 142 and BIOl 142L or BIOL_OX 142 and BIOL 360/NBB 301 or equivalent transfer credit as a prerequisite.

NBB 399R Intro to Mentored Research

This course is designed for students who are just beginning a research project with an Emory Faculty mentor. Lots of shadowing, watching and reading is appropriate for this class. The idea is to help students get started in a research project. This class can be taken for 1-4 credit hours.

NBB 482R Frontiers in Neuroscience

This Friday lecture series exposes NBB students to the most recent and cutting-edge topics and methods in neuroscience. Students will interact with graduate students and speakers and engage in a post-seminar question and answer session. The seminars change from semester to semester and thus students can repeat enroll for this course if desired.
Particulars: Credit 1 hour; S/U grade only
Prerequisites: BIOL 141/142

NBB 497W Supervised Writing

Independent, faculty-mentored research and writing course, with major writing assignment(s) accounting for at least 60 percent of the grade. Enrollment requires permission of instructor and cannot be taken concurrently with NBB 495 or NBB 499R. Students can enroll in 1-4 credit hours.

NBB 498R Supervised Reading

Independent, faculty-mentored research course which is designed as a prelude to conducting laboratory research under the same mentor. Enrollment requires permission of instructor and cannot be taken concurrently with NBB 495 or NBB 499R. Students can enroll in 1-4 credit hours.