Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology (NBB) is an interdepartmental undergraduate program offering a Bachelor of Science and combining the expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment of a large and diverse group of faculty from many departments and divisions of Emory University.  The major represents a unique interdisciplinary synthesis of the fields of neuroscience and behavior and provides a breadth and focus not found in traditional Biology, Psychology, Neuroscience or Anthropology programs.

Goals for Student Learning

All Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology majors will be able:

  • To articulate the concepts and methodologies of the interdisciplinary field of Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology, including evolution and animal behavior, molecular, cellular, and developmental biology, and systems, social, cognitive, and behavioral neuroscience.
  • To evaluate scientific literature critically and to formulate hypotheses and design scientific experiments.
  • To engage in the research process through undergraduate honors research, independent research projects and coursework.
  • To communicate scientific information in a clear, reasoned and stylistically appropriate manner both verbally and in writing.
  • To evaluate the ethical dimensions and societal implications of research in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology.
  • To have the foundation to pursue successfully a post baccalaureate education and/or professional career.

For more information on the NBB major, please see the NBB HANDBOOK.